About HeySugar!

Developed to spread love and tenderness into the world, it's more than just skincare. HeySugar! products are made to be a part of your self care regimen. Practicing self care regularly can help you manage stress, produce positive feelings and may contribute to your overal wellbeing.


Hi! I'm Joline, the founder of HeySugar! I'm just your average elder millenial trying to get by and live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life like most people. I like to get crafty at times and also make people feel good. I combined my obsession with exfoliating scrubs with my passion for selfcare, added a little sparkle (elder millenial remember? I'd still wear roll on glitter from the 90s if I could) rolled it into a ball and thus HeySugar! was born. 

I take the utmost pride in the formulas I have created. Months of research and trial and error have gone into each of my products just for you. Everything is made in micro batches and tested to ensure quality and freshness.